092 Department of Astronomy 2024


Astronomy is one of the oldest science disciplines, spanning the widest ranges in space and time. With the advent of new telescopes and detector technology, astronomy is now entering a new golden age, attracting huge interests from the public.


In the future, the Department of Astronomy will further develop with the following goals. First, in terms of faculty recruitment, we will give priority to three directions: high-energy astrophysics, galaxy and cosmology, and exoplanets. At the same time, we will also watch out other emerging areas in astrophysics. Secondly, together with domestic and international partners, we will take advantage of Tsinghua’s strong engineering disciplines to develop astronomical instrumentation, and play leadership roles in selected ground-based telescope and space satellite projects. Thirdly, we will strive to create a world-class intellectual environment, build an efficient administrative support, form the unique culture of the Tsinghua Astronomy: striving for mutual respect, mutual support, and openness.

The future of Tsinghua astronomy depends critically on the recruitment of outstanding talents to whom we welcome with open arms. We will seize the historic opportunity to make Tsinghua a worldwide center of excellence in astronomy in the next decade.

Programs for International Students 2024



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