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1. Before you apply for scholarships, complete your application for graduate programs at Tsinghua University first. Tsinghua University only selects scholarship candidates from pre-admitted students.

2. The requirements of scholarships may be different from admission requirements. Scholarship applicants should meet all the requirements when applying for scholarships.

3. Read Scholarship Introductions and Scholarship FAQ carefully before you apply for any scholarships at Tsinghua University. Feel Free to consult the scholarship contact at your school/department/program for scholarship inquiries in advance.

Scholarship Contacts at Schools/Departments

4. Qualified applicants may apply for multiple scholarships at the same time, but some scholarships cannot be combined with others.

5. The webpages of Scholarship Introductions and Scholarship FAQ provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about scholarships. Tsinghua University reserves the right to make changes according to the latest policies of scholarship awarding institutions.

Tuition Scholarship

The Tuition Scholarship covers full or partial tuition fee with the duration of one academic year. Applicants may apply for Tuition Scholarships annually (competitive).

Tuition Scholarships mainly refer to:

- Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students (BGS)

- Tsinghua University Tuition Scholarship

Prospective students do not need to fill out extra application forms for Tuition Scholarships. Tuition Scholarship candidates are selected from outstanding pre-admitted applicants according to their intention of scholarship application in the Application Portal for Graduate admission.


1. Applicants must be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China and be in good health both mentally and physically;

2. Applicants must be pre-admitted by Tsinghua University;

3. Applicants are not offered other scholarships which include tuition support.

Application Procedure

Step 1 Pre-admission (October, 2021-March, 2022)

    Applicants fill out Tuition Scholarship application intention in the Application Portal for Graduate Admission.

Step 2 Recommendation of Schools/Departments (*April-May)

    Schools/departments select Tuition Scholarship candidates and make preliminary decision about the amount of their Tuition Scholarships.

    *Schedule may be adjusted according to notices from higher authorities.

Step 3 Approval by Tsinghua University (May-June)

    Tsinghua University examines and approves Tuition Scholarship recommendations of schools/departments.

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