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The School of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University was established in April 2021.  The school aims to solve key technology bottlenecks in integrated circuits;  extend the frontiers of integrated circuit fields and tackle barriers within the discipline.  The school consistently contributes to interdisciplinary collaborations and achieves breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields.  It also cultivates talents urgently needed by China and builds an international leading discipline in order to support the independent innovation and development of China's integrated circuits industry.
The School of Integrated Circuits can be traced back to the semiconductor major that Tsinghua University established in 1956.  This was followed by the establishment of the Institute of Microelectronics by the university in 1980, and the Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics in 2004.  The institute and department were dedicated to pursuing cutting-edge scientific research and academic achievements that had a significant impact on the discipline and cultivating distinguished scientists and outstanding scholars in the field of integrated circuits.
For more than six decades, Tsinghua University has achieved a broad range of iconic achievements in Chinese semiconductor and integrated circuit development.  Tsinghua University has also trained a great number of industry leaders and made outstanding contributions to the development of China's integrated circuit industry.


—— Covering a large range of disciplines in Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering

—— A leading discipline in China

—— Focusing on the entire IC industrial chain

—— Has long-term collaborations with top universities and IC companies around the world

Programs for International Students 2024

Integrated Circuit Scinece and Engineering


(D)- Doctoral Programs



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