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The Department of Engineering Physics (DEP) was founded in 1956 and has been committed to our mission to provide advanced education of science and engineering for talented students in atomic energy science and technology in China. With scientific development and social progress, the range of studies in the department has been extended to nuclear science and technology and other related areas, including medical physics and engineering, particle physics and nuclear physics, astrophysics, plasma physics, safety science and engineering. Currently, the total graduate student number is about 700. Meanwhile, DEP is home to 109 faculty members, among whom 39 have earned professorship and 58 with associate professorships.


——DEP consists of six institutes, which are the Institute of Nuclear Technology and Application, Institute of Technical Physics, Institute of Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Management, Institute of Safety Science and Technology, Institute of Medical Physics and Engineering, Institute of Modern Physics respectively. DEP covers three first-level disciplines, which are nuclear science and technology, physics, safety science and engineering. Nuclear science and technology is one of the most respected and dominant disciplines in Tsinghua University, which has been ranked No. 1 consecutively in the national first-level discipline evaluation four times.

——DEP works actively within the industry to conduct scientific research, explores technical innovation systems and mechanisms, and production integration. DEP also promotes teaching in relation to research, DEP’s research funding has exceeded two hundreds million RMB and has received a series of major science and technology awards.

Programs for International Students 2024



Nuclear Science and Technology


Safety Science and Engineering


Energy and Power Engineering

--Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technology Engineering


(M)–Master’s Programs (D)- Doctoral Programs

Financial Aid by School/Department:

The program of International Master’s Program in Nuclear Engineering and Management (TUNEM) is fully supported by the Chinese Government scholarship offering tuition fee, living stipend, on-campus accommodation, medical insurance and practice stipend and other fees.




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