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The Department of Physics at Tsinghua University was founded in 1926 and quickly became one of the top programs in physics under the leadership of the first department chair Prof. Chi-Sun Yeh. The department was closed during the reorganization of higher education in 1952 and reopened 30 years later. Today, the research in physics at Tsinghua is conducted in the Department of Physics, Institute for Advanced Study, Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science, Department of Engineering Physics, and Graduate School at Shenzhen. The Department of Physics ranks among the top five in the country and is making effort to become a leading research center in the world by 2035.


The research areas in Tsinghua Physics include condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, quantum information, biophysics, elementary particle and nuclear physics. The research on topological insulator and iron-based superconductor has recently attracted new attention. In 2013, the first experimental observation of quantum anomalous Hall effect establishes Tsinghua as a leading player in condensed matter physics. The atomic, molecular and optical physics lab, carries out advanced spinor atomic condensate experiments with potential applications in quantum measurement and quantum metrology. Recently, Tsinghua Physics laboratory has achieved 13.3 dB below quantum noise, indicating that more than 910 atoms are quantum mechanically entangled in the prepared Twin-Fock state condensate. The newly proposed “orbital Feshbach Resonance” for alkali-earth atom scattering opens a new avenue for quantum simulation with alkali-earth atoms. This work was highlighted by “Physics”, and confirmed by several leading cold atom experimental groups. In intermediate and high energy nuclear physics, a new isovector orientation effect was reported in deuteron induced scattering and the prediction on probing quark matter in heavy ion collisions has been confirmed by experimental collaborations at RHIC and LHC. The department also devotes to developing advanced experimental techniques, such as ultrahigh vacuum, ultralow temperature, weak signal detection, among others techniques.

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