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Established in January 2011, Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences at Tsinghua University, referred to as IIIS, is the first education and research institution dedicated to interdisciplinary information sciences in mainland China. It is led by Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, winner of the A.M. Turing Award in 2000, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences and aims to be a leading hub for research in interdisciplinary information sciences and top innovative talents worldwide.

IIIS undertakes research initially in computer science, with an outstanding record in theoretical computer science. In 2011, it opened Center for Quantum Information and expanded into broader areas in interdisciplinary information sciences, covering artificial intelligence, Fintech and quantum information. Led by Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, IIIS faculty consists of 32 award-winning academics who are actively involved and playing a leading role in research. Our research is to advance the frontiers of knowledge of which the quality and impact are demonstrated by numerous achievements including many highly-cited publications and commercial applications of the research results and innovations.

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——IIIS Graduate Program aims to nurture top students and achieve academic excellence as competitive as those from top institutions in computer science and quantum information across the world. Its Academic Program, characterized by cutting-edge research by faculty members and the promotion of technology transfer, has been designed on the basis of advanced teaching methods from MIT, Stanford, Princeton and etc.

——IIIS Graduate Program prepares students to become interdisciplinary and independent researchers in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Economics, Computational Biology, Network Science, Engineering, Quantum Information and related fields. IIIS faculty are devoted to the cultivation of students through both classroom instruction and research mentorship.

——It is IIIS’s goal that all students take opportunities available to gain international experiences. Students benefit a lot from various funding resources for international exchange. The program also provides guidance for students who wish to pay academic visits abroad, bringing them into contact with renowned experts and top researchers worldwide.

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