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The PBC School of Finance, TsinghuaUniversity’s17th school, was founded on March 29th, 2012 as a joint academy between the University and the People's Bank of China (PBC). The School offers Ph.D. in Finance, Master of Finance, Dual-Degree Finance MBA, Finance EMBA, Global Finance GFD, and Executive Education programs. Through these programs, it contributes toChina’spool of high-level, innovative and globally competitive financial professionals.


——Master of Finance

Prominent leaders and researchers with years of success in the industry guide students from the very beginning of the program, offering unique insights into Chinese financial markets, international financial practices, and the latest industry trends.

With a focus on the Chinese and international financial systems, banking regulations, commercial banking, capital markets, and insurance markets, the curriculum is ideal for increasingstudents’competencies and effectiveness in today’sjob market. Courses are taught by a combination of school faculty, government policy-makers, financial institution executives, and school alumni.

——Master of Business Administration


Part-time and Post-experience

Bilingual Teaching

Joint World Class Faculty

Study Trips to the US.

Dual Degrees


The Finance EMBA program, first established in 2012, adopts an educational approach that is closely aligned with the demands of China's financial reforms. Building on a wealth of educational and industrial resources, the program enjoys an unparalleled faculty composed mostly of regulatory officials and industry elite. It is one of the best EMBA programs in the Asia-Pacific region.

——Ph.D. in Finance

The Ph.D. in Finance program has been cultivating world class financial talent since 1987. The program consists of doctoral candidates recruited by Tsinghua University as well as those co-supervised by the Research Institute of Finance and Banking at the People’s Bank of China. All doctoral graduates are awarded the degree and diploma of Ph.D. in Applied Economics conferred by the University.

The program endows candidates with a strong and comprehensive theoretical grounding in, and an in depth understanding of, global financial systems. The doctoral graduates will be able to conduct relevant research with both academic and practical value internationally, and utilize their expertise to generate solutions to industry challenges.

Programs for International Students 2024

Master of Finance


Master of Business Administration


Ph.D in Finance (D)

(M)–Master’s Programs  (D)- Doctoral Programs


Ph.D. in Finance / Master of Finance








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