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Tsinghua University Law School, was founded in 1929 and is considered one of the leading law schools in China. Its faculty members include some of China's best legal scholars. Many prominent legal scholars, judges and lawyers were graduated from the Law School. It has strong study abroad and exchange programs, and its international partners include some of the best universities around the world including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and NYU. Tsinghua is the first university to offer LL.M in Chinese Law program taught fully in English for international law students.


—— A dedicated and highly-distinguished faculty of more than 50 members,many of whom have foreign legal backgrounds, offers expertise in diverse legal studies, and helps prepare our students for their legal career in a dynamic world of change and complexity.
—— In 2023, Tsinghua Law School ranked 29th in the QS law school rankings and is the only Chinese law school that has made it into the top 50 for 13 consecutive years.
—— Approximately 1,200 students currently enrolled, with international students coming from about twenty countries.
—— It offers the first Juris Master (LL.M.) program on Chinese Law in China, and continues to attract international scholars and students with its exuberant intellectual life, creative learning environment, and profound cutting-edge scholarship.

Programs for International Students 2024

Science of Law


Juris Master (LL.M.)

-----in Chinese Law

-----in International Arbitration and Dispute Settlement


(M)–Master’sPrograms (D)- Doctoral Programs


Website: Jurist Master (LL.M.) (Science of Law) (Juris Master)

Tel:+86-10-62795151(Science of Law)

+86-10-62795941(Juris Master)

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