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The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) of Tsinghua University was formally established on Dec. 25th, 2015, three years after its predecessor, the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, was founded in 2012. Currently, SPS has a core faculty team of 33 Principle Investigators (PIs), all with strong educational background and track record of innovative research in leading universities and institutes around the world. The national-level examinations combined with Tsinghua University’s independent selection processes allow SPS to admit top students across China. Currently, there are 66 undergraduates, 2 master’s degree, and 259 doctoral students.

SPS: Dedicated to education, discovery science, and translational research to improve human health


The graduate programs at SPS,master's and doctoral, prepare the future leaders in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences by providing them with premier educational and research training.

——In addition to the traditional curriculum of pharmaceutical sciences, we promote interdisciplinary education by introducing relevant courses from other schools and departments.

——We set up the Graduate Student Steering Committee that is responsible for developing training scheme and setting academic criteria including the requirement for thesis proposal and presentation, academic seminars, and the final thesis defense etc.

——We focus on the specific skill of academic presentation by requiring graduate students to publically present their research at least once a year starting from their third-year in the program. We set up a special Student Academic Salon to facilitate an open environment for the students to learn, communicate and practice presentation skills.

——Doctoral qualification examination consists of both written and oral tests. The written test requires strong abilities in English, which is based on the interview format of National Natural Science Foundation.

——We invite both academic and industry experts to the regular Pharmaceutical Science Lecture Series where the students can develop new perspectives and gain a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry through interactions with these speakers.

Programs for International Students 2023

Pharmaceutical Science


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