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Tsinghua University School of Medicine was established on October 25, 2001. Currently, the school consists of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, the Department of Biomedical Engineering and School of Clinical Medicine.
Tsinghua University School of Medicine is committed to cultivate medical scientists, senior clinicians, medical educators and senior medical management personnel who have a diverse knowledge of basic scientific theory, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, basic medical science, clinical sciences, and strong scientific research abilities


——Basic Medicine:The department of basic medical science harbors faculties that are energetic, visionary, well-nourished and active in cutting edge research fields of fundamental medical sciences; The department of basic medical science aims to contribute to the diagnosis and prevention of diseases that severely affect human health (such as Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Immune Diseases, AIDS, etc.), and also to make breakthroughs in molecular biology and medical research.

——Biomedical Engineering: The biomedical engineering (BME) program is one of the oldest among such programs in China. It is one of the eight Key BME programs designated by Ministry of Education of China. Tsinghua BME Program began in 1979 with an MS program. BS and PhD programs were added in 1982 and 1986, respectively. The program has gained the reputation as one of the most rigorous programs among its peers through the dedications by faculty members in the past three decades. The program is widely recognized for producing high quality students. The objectives of Tsinghua BME Program are 1) to pursue innovative fundamental research in the area of biomedical engineering, 2) to develop innovative medical instrumentations and biomedical applications of fundamental research outcomes, 3) to train leaders in biomedical engineering research and innovations. Our research aims to understand physiological mechanisms of the human body and to develop methodologies and techniques to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate major human diseases and dysfunctions. We have formed four core research focus areas, 1) Neural engineering, 2) Medical imaging, 3) Micro/nano medicine and tissue engineering, 4) Medical devices, 5) Medical information systems, etc

——Clinical Medicine: The School of Clinical Medicine (SCM) aims to be the cradle of cultivating leading physicians and physician scientists to serve medical needs for patients and conduct innovative translational medical research. SCM offers over 14 PhD programs and two types of Master’s degrees:  a Master of Academic Degree and a Master of Professional Degree.

Programs for International Students 2024

Basic Medicine


Biomedical Engineering


Clinical Medicine


Electronic Information


Mechanical Engineering


Master of Medicine
Doctoral of Medicine

(M)–Master’s Programs   (D)- Doctoral Programs




The Outstanding Clinician Scholar Program


The Outstanding Clinician Scholar Program (OCSP) will recruit world-class universities undergraduate students from diversified disciplines to study for a four-year medical degree. The graduates will be conferred a doctorate as M.D. (Doctor of Medicine). This program aims to cultivate the future generation of outstanding clinicians, scholars and leaders with great humanistic feelings, rich scientific literacy and compound multiple-disciplined knowledge.  

This program adopts the integration of an organ system-based curriculum to train students clinical practice competence through four modules: introduction to medicine, organ system-based learning, clinical specialty learning and clinical practice.

In addition to teaching systematic medical knowledge and training clinical practice competence, this program will also provide courses on professionalism, medical humanities, clinical research ability and leadership throughout the process. These courses will help to cultivate students' excellent healthcare ability and clinical research abilities that integrate medical and multidisciplinary knowledge to solve complicated clinical problems, edify humanistic literacy, as well as cultivate medical feelings.

Moreover, this program will also provide unique opportunities for oversea exchanges and studies. Students will have access to world-class medical centers in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. This will help them to have a broad international vision, strategic insight into medical development trends, excellent leadership and global competence.

This unique curriculum of the Outstanding Clinician Scholar Program will train students through diversified pathways, highlighting the core value of Tsinghua New Medicine. We believe there will be much more clinicians, physician-scientists, physician-engineers, physician-inventors and medical administration experts graduating from the Outstanding Clinician Scholar Program in the future. They will become the most outstanding medical+Xversatile talents for the great mission of Health China construction, national rejuvenation and protection for human health and well-being.

Welcome foreign talents who are interested in medicine to join us!

Required pre-med courses

All the applicants need to finish pre-med courses and submit a qualified transcript before entrance. The required pre-med courses are listed as follows (Table 1). These courses can be studied in original university or online.

Table 1. Required pre-med courses




Minimum Credits




3 credits


Linear Algebra

3 credits




4 credits



Principles of Chemistry

2 credits


Organic Chemistry

3 credits


Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

1 credit



Principles of Biochemistry

3 credits


Laboratory of Biochemistry

4 credits


Molecular Biology

2 credits


Laboratory of Molecular Biology

2 credits


Cell Biology

3 credits


Laboratory of Cell Biology

2 credits



Writing and Communication

2 credits


34 credits


Programs for International Students 2024

The Outstanding Clinician Scholar Program

M. D.



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