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School of Software,affiliated to School of Information Science & Technology, Tsinghua University, is one of the first batch of national exemplary software colleges established with the jointly approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) in 2001.

With the mission of promoting the school-running mechanism reform, exploring the training mode of software talents and cultivating the internationally competitive, high-level, innovative and application-based software talents, School of Software, Tsinghua University follows the tenet of "quality first, giving equal priority to both the quality and technology, combining the theory and practice", the philosophy of " establishing and developing the School based on teaching, management, disciplines and technology" and the practical teaching idea of "learning, exploring and creating during practice", aiming to pursue and practice the quality education.

Four institutes were established for teaching and researching in School of Software:

1. Software System and Engineering (SSE). The key research of SSE focuses on modeling, design, testing, verification and evolution of trustworthy software systems. The research covers the full life cycle of a software system.

2. Information System and Engineering (ISE). The research focuses on the theory, technology and system of big data and knowledge engineering.

3. Trustworthy Network and Systems (TNS). The key research of TNS focuses on computer networks and distributed systems.

4. Computer-Aided Design, Computer Graphics and Visualization(CAD). The institute targets to provide advanced Computer-Aided Design, Computer Graphics, and Visualization industry application software platform, and does research to break through some bottleneck problems in both theory and practice.


——The School has one discipline -- software engineering and four sub-disciplines, including Software Engineering Theory, Software Engineering Technology and Management, Information Systems Engineering and Software Service Engineering. The discipline involves both the software science and engineering. Based on the fundamental laws of trustworthy measurement and evolution in the software systems, the School intends to study and address challenging and fundamental issues faced by modern software engineering, such as the software complexity, software openness, and software evolvement.

——In 2007, the five specialties of the School, including software engineering and management, information system security, software system design, computer graphics, information systems engineering have been selected as the featured specialty construction points of higher education institutions by the Ministry of Education. The School currently has two state-level quality courses and four university-level quality courses; two textbooks edited by the School are appraised as the quality textbooks of ordinary higher education. Software engineering discipline has already developed complete structure, reasonable layout and particular focus. And it has been ranked A in the fourth round of discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education in 2016. In 2018, the President of Tsinghua University commissioned a committee of international experts to review Software Engineering at Tsinghua (THSE) at the School of Software. School of Software impress the committee with its important role to play in the fulfilment of this objective, the importance of software and the need world-wide for software engineers to run and grow IT industries. Tsinghua University is well-positioned to deliver on this need, thanks to the existence of a strong School of Software.

——To meet the requirement of software engineering application and industrial development, the School also conducts extensive research on the methods, technologies and tools for improving the efficacy and quality of software development. The attention is paid to expand both the downward research on theoretical basis of software engineering and the upward research on the application of software services.

——The discipline has made great achievements in both theory and practice, such as system modeling, model checking, theorem proving, and program analysis. Furthermore, the discipline has laid concrete basis for construction, applications and software trustworthiness services, and has been leading the development of computer aided design, information system engineering and trustworthy network system in China.

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