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The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) is a new model of experiential education and practice to develop leaders in innovation. Starting with our project and team-based graduate degree programs, GIX will grow to include a broad array of innovation experiences for students, executives, and working professionals. With founding partners Tsinghua University, the University of Washington and Microsoft, GIX is a global collaboration between leading academic and cross-sector partners.

Program Overview

In this intensive program, students learn how to take an innovative idea from concept to development, and on to launch. The Dual Degree programs you in a project-based curriculum developed around three key disciplines: technology development, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. Students will spend the first year on the Tsinghua campus during which time you will take courses, get connected with an advisor and start the initial work of the graduation thesis, and then leave for the University of Washington for the 15-month MSTI part of the program.

Program Highlights

Project-based Learning Model

Through the GIX project-based learning and team-work model, students will collaborate on solutions to a range of global challenges and business needs.

Learn to Innovate

Through intensive courses in design thinking, technology development and entrepreneurship, GIX teaches the skills needed to take an innovation from concept to development and on to launch.

Lead New Ventures

GIX graduates will have acquired the technical expertise, design thinking skills and business knowledge to launch their own startup, join a new venture team at a leading company or nonprofit, or advance their academic pursuits.

Why Choose GIX Dual Master Degree

Acceptance into GIX Dual Master Degree represents an opportunity to gain experience in two of the world's most important and rising economies. China is currently the second largest economy in the world and growing at a fast rate. The global technology sector relies heavily on doing business with China and this trend is forecasted to continue to grow.

The GIX program at Tsinghua University and the University of Washington represents the opportunity for young technologists to gain firsthand knowledge and experience through China's most prestigious university. Tsinghua University is not only the top university in China, it also has a long history of producing leaders of China. The alumni of Tsinghua include two Chinese presidents, several policy makers as well as many well-renowned scientists and entrepreneurs. Studying at Tsinghua is a chance to network with the future leaders of the Chinese industry, government and higher education.

Who Should Apply?

GIX programs attract students with diverse backgrounds and types of experience ranging from recent college grads to experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. We’ re seeking a diverse cohort of learners who have demonstrated a capacity for innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative teamwork.

Application Checklist

1. Resume or curriculum vitae.
2. Personal Statement (up to 800 words), describing why you want to apply for the Dual Degree program, your professional interests and values (including study, internship, and research etc.), and future career plans.

3. Scans of official transcripts or academic records for every post-secondary university or college attended. If your institution provides a cumulative grade point average and/or a class rank for your degree, you MUST include it.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. Proof of English language proficiency if English is not your native language (see Memo 8: Graduate School English Language Proficiency Requirements | UW Graduate School)

6. Additional materials that demonstrate qualifications and experience (e.g. published papers, patents, or portfolios).

Note: As the dual degree program grants degrees from Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, you need to apply on both universities’ application portals. Please refer to for applying to the University of Washington GIX program.

Programs for International Students 2024

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