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Change education, change the world. Founded in 1979, the Tsinghua Institute of Education is committed to involving its students by sharing the perspectives of leading thinkers, researchers, and practitioners in the field of education; connecting them with cutting-edge research, best policies and practices; and providing them with an innovative pathway into the profession of education. At Tsinghua and at Tsinghua Institute of Education, you will become fully immersed in one of the world’s most dynamic and influential intellectual communities.


-----The faculty who are trained in top institutions of world-class universities is a singularly impressive group of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers who devote actively to improving education.

-----The academic and professional degree programs focus on the most challenging and exciting questions in education research, policy and practice:

  • MA programs train students’ international perspectives and professional capabilities, and enhance their competence for governance and innovation.

  • Ph.D programs provide students with a wide range of leadership capabilities, as well as in-depth expertise in their research field.

-----Tsinghua Institute of Education advances research-based practice to transform education and improve the world.

Programs for International Students 2024



(M)–Master’s Programs  (D)- Doctoral Programs



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