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The Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET) of Tsinghua University under the Ministry of Education is a major nuclear education and research institution in China. INET focuses on nuclear research and development. It operates three test reactors and a large number of nuclear related laboratories. INET also conducts research in energy policy, new energy technologies, environment technology and advanced materials. INET puts strong emphasis on education and its post-graduate education covers master and doctoral programs in a variety of engineering and management disciplines. INET warmly welcomes international students to join the most active and renowned education and research programs of the institute.


——INET’s Nuclear Science and Technology Program ranks No.1 in China Discipline Ranking (CDR), and also has a good international reputation.

——Main academic research disciplines include nuclear, chemical, materials, environmental as well as management engineering.

——The importance of international exchange and cooperation has been stressed. In recent years, increasing number of overseas students and scholars are applying for studies and research at INET.

Programs for International Students 2024
Nuclear Science and Technology


Management Science and Engineering


(M)–Master’s Programs   (D)- Doctoral Programs

Financial Aid by School/Department:

Research assistantship by supervisor or laboratory





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