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School of Social Sciences consists of six educational institutions - Department of Sociology, Department of Political Science, Department of International Relations, Department of Psychology, Institute of Economics, and Division of Sports Science and Physical Education. The Doctoral and Master programs of these six institutions all welcome international students. School of Social Sciences is committed to cultivate an internationalized, diversified and advanced liberal academic atmosphere.


——The philosophy of School of Social Sciences is of a fusion between Chinese and Western cultures, combining ancient and modern teachings, as well as integrating interdisciplinary knowledge. The school focuses on the frontiers of social science worldly, facing directly to the most sophisticated and grand challenges of current China as well as the world, such as reform of political regime, economic transformation, social vicissitude, the psychology of the public, and changes in international politics. The school is committed to build a world-class social science center with Chinese characteristics and Tsinghua style in China as well as to the larger areas in the world.

——The graduate programs of School of Social Sciences emphasize on evidence-based scientific approach and quantitative analysis ability, equipping students with strong foundations in abstract theoretical reasoning and quantitative research methodologies, and preparing themselves for leading academic and social management roles in the future.

Programs for International Students 2024
Theoretical Economics



-----Master’s Program in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy and International Relations (CPFP)

--------Tsinghua-SAIS Dual Degree Master Program (TSDM)








Master of Applied Psychology

--------International Master of Applied Psychology(IMAP)Program

Physical Education and Sport Science


Master of Science in Physical Education


Master of Intenational Affairs

(M)–Master’s Programs (D)- Doctoral Programs




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