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Tsinghua University was one of the founding members of the discipline of the Theory of Marxism in China. It began the postgraduate program since 1987. The School of Marxism, founded in July 2008, integrates the professors from the fields of Marxism studies, ideological and political education from different departments of the University, and plays a leading educational role in these areas in China. The school has established several important research platforms, such as the Collaborative Innovation Centre on Socialist Key Values, and the Tsinghua Moral Education Research Centre, which is the key research base for humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education.Among the professors, there are eight Principal Investigators of Central Research and Development Project of the Theory of Marxism.


——Outstanding research capacity: the school was evaluated as A++, one of the best three among all the Chinese universities ranked by the Ministry of Education.

——Interdisciplinary atmosphere: the professors and postgraduates comes from diverse backgrounds, such as Marxist philosophy, Marxist political economy, ideological and political education, Chinese modern history, politics and sociology.

——Key to understanding China: since Marxism is the guiding ideology in China’s development and reform, the school combines the theoretical research with the reform practices in China, and provides the key theoretical perspectives for the understanding of China.

Programs for International Students 2023
Theory of Marxism

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