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The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1932, which is one of the earliest departments of engineering at Tsinghua University. The primary missions are to reach the forefront of mechanical engineering development for science and technology and to cultivate talents in a global, multi-disciplinary environment. The department has excellent research and education facilities, including 2 state key laboratories, 3 key laboratories from Beijing government or Ministry of Education, 1 international joint laboratory, 2 national education centres, and other research and education resources. We have high quality and high-level faculties, including 3 Chinese Academy of Sciences academicians and 2 Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians. The Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University is one of the highest level academic institutions in the world.


—— Focusing on the international academic frontier.

—— Emphasizing field of science and technology: Advanced design technology and digitalization; Manufacturing technology and material science; Surface/interface theory and technology; Bio-fabrication science and technology; Robot technology; Intelligent control technology and modern management.

—— Teaching resources: State key Laboratories; High-quality teaching platform; High-level supervisors; Integrated engineering education system with the joint laboratories of college and enterprise; International cooperation platform with world top-level universities.

—— Teaching goals: Creativity; Philosophical thinking; Engineering design experience and thinking; Cross-cultural cooperation and international vision.

Programs for International Students 2023

Mechanical Engineering


(M)–Master‘sPrograms (D)- Doctoral Programs

Financial Aid by School/Department

Different schemes of financial aid might be possible depending on the applicant’s background and study/research program. Details are to be discussed with the department individually.



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