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Started from the Telecom Division founded in 1932 in the Electrical Department of Tsinghua University, the Electronic Engineering Department (EE Dept.) was formally established in 1952. The two national key first-level disciplines, “Electronic Science and Technology” and “Information and Communication Engineering” have been constituted, which cover the fields of Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics, Circuits and Systems, Electro-Magnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Progressing, and Complex Systems and Network.

In order to strengthen global connections between institutions of higher learning, the department launched a Joint Master Program with the department of Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University (ranked as #1 Graduate Program in BME since 1992) from 2018. This program provides students with in depth knowledge of how to solve important biomedical problems through application of engineering principles, preparing them to become global leaders in biomedical research, and the translation of these research results into application. The program allows students complete a MSE degree from Johns Hopkins and a MS from Tsinghua University in two years.


——A style of integration between science and engineering, stress on both teaching and research, fostering a rigorous, diligent, practical, and creative mindset, as well as a culture of pursuing solidarity, pragmatism, academic liberty, and excellence

Programs for International Students 2024

Electronic Science and Technology

----Tsinghua-JHU BME Dual Degree Program



Information and Communication Engineering

----Tsinghua-JHU BME Dual Degree Program



(M)–Master’s Programs (D)- Doctoral Programs




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