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2016 Dual Degree Program “Connected Devices” of GIX(For International Students)

Program Introduction

Tsinghua University and the University of Washington entered into a partnership to create the Global Innovation Exchange Institute (GIX), with initial foundational support from Microsoft. GIX locates on Seattle’s east side in Bellevue, and will be housed in a state-of-the-art facility.

Bringing together top learners, teachers and technology talent from across the world, GIX will power innovation through an ambitious new model of project-based collaborative education that is unbound by geography or discipline.

Exponential growth in connected devices is expected over the next decade, resulting in tremendous social and economic value, as the Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Computing, and Smart Devices become dramatically more cost effective, simpler to develop, and increasingly mainstream. Connected devices are poised to advance such diverse fields as health and natural resource management. To invent new applications and develop the expanding connected device market requires leaders with an array of technology, prototyping, design and entrepreneurial skills. Connected Devices is the first dual master degree program provided by GIX. Open in fall 2016, fostering excellent students with innovation consciousness, vision and sense of responsibility and mission.


Admissions Criteria

The Dual Degree Program applicants must meet all admission requirements of both Tsinghua and UW in order to be admitted to the Dual Degree Program. 

1.    Applicant should be a valid foreign passport holder;

2.    Bachelor degree form a recognized university;

3.    Coursework in a technical field related to computing (computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, applied math) OR a quantitative field.

4.    Completion of at least two computing courses.

5.    For applicants whose native language is not English, an official English language test score of IELTS or TOEFL is required. Besides that a GRE score is required for all the applicants regardless of the native language. All scores should be in the valid period at the date of submission, and should be provided by February 29, 2016.

6.    Strong preference for applicants with at least one year of professional experience.

7.    All admissions requirements for the UW Graduate School, including, but not limited to, successfully completing an undergraduate degree and a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scales or equivalent. 

8.    All other minimum admission requirements for admission to the UW as a graduate student.


Application Checklist/ Required Supporting Material

A completed application should include ALL of the following items:

1.    Download and fill out

“International Application Form for Admission to Graduate Program of Tsinghua University”on the computer. Print ,sign and attach 2-inch photo on the application form.

2.    A Personal Statement;

3.    An English and Chinese CV/Resume;

4.    Bachelor's degree certificate; (Those who have not graduated yet shall offer a proof of education in current academic institution and academic transcript.)

5.    Official transcripts from all universities attended;

6.    A short video (up to two minutes in duration), in which the applicant demonstrates her or his creativity in a form that might otherwise be difficult to articulate on paper;

7.    Participation in an interview by representatives of Tsinghua and UW;

8.    Additional materials that demonstrate qualifications and experiences (e.g.-published papers, patents, or portfolios);

9.    Any other materials or requirements developed by Tsinghua and/or UW;

10. Two letters of recommendation.

11. The page with personal information in the passport (personal and ordinary passport).

Those who are conditionally admitted by Tsinghua University shall submit all the original or the notarial degree certificate and transcripts. The documents provided should be in Chinese or in English; otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. All the original or the notarial degree certificates and academic transcripts must be officially sealed and will be permanently kept in students’ archives by the university. None of the above application documents will be returned. Students are not officially admitted if application documents are not qualified.


Application Procedure

All applications shall send materials to: gix@tsinghua.edu.cn, By February 29, 2016.




27 months including 12 months in Tsinghua and 15 months in GIX.


Contact Information

Tsinghua Office

Add: B425-1, Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

Tel: +8610-62796157

E-Mail: gix@tsinghua.edu.cn








互联设备 (Connected Devices)成为GIX首个学位项目,并且是双学位硕士项目。首批学生2016年秋季正式入学,计划招收不超过35人。




1、    申请者持有有效的外国普通护照;

2、    拥有与中国大学学士学位相当的学位;

3、    主修计算机技术领域课程(如计算科学、电机工程、计算机工程学、应用数学)及其相关专业领域;

4、    已完成至少两门计算机专业课程;

5、    所有申请者须提供GRE考试成绩。同时,对于母语非英语申请者,须提交雅思或托福考试成绩。所有成绩有效期必须在申请期限内,并不晚于2016229日前提交;

6、    有一年以上工作经验者优先;

7、    华盛顿大学入学条件须满足但不限于,获得本科学位,本科期间GPA达到3.0-4.0

8、    申请者须达到华盛顿大学研究生录取其他要求。




1、    下载并用电脑填写清华大学外国留学研究生学习申请表”,打印表格,由申请者本人签名,贴上2寸近照;

2、    自我陈述;

3、    中、英文简历各一份;

4、    学位证明(或预毕业证明,获得学位证书后需补交)。

5、    毕业院校出具的成绩单;

6、    一段时长2分钟视频,内容展示申请者独特的创造性和特点;

7、    申请者须通过清华大学和华盛顿大学两所学校的面试;

8、    其他附件材料,如公开发表的文章、专利等;

9、    两份推荐信;

10、   其他华盛顿大学要求的材料。

11、   个人普通护照(个人信息页)。




申请者须于2016229日前将申请材料发至如下地址: gix@tsinghua.edu.cn








办公电话: +8610-62796157

E-Mail: gix@tsinghua.edu.cn



2016 Dual Degree Program “Connected Devices” of GIX(For International Students)